Luciano's Ristoranti

Leo's Story

Leo was born in Terrasini Sicily (which is near Palermo) in 1941. His mom was a dressmaker and his father was a farmer. Leo had 2 sisters and one brother. in the year 1960 the entire family moved to New York and began a new life in the United States. Leo began to cook in New York hotels when he was in his early twenties. After a few more years of develpoing his finely tuned culinary skills in the "Big Apple" he had the urge to see more of the world and decided he would move to Australia. 

Leo ended up working there for thtree years, cooking, and mining for gems. Deciding to leave the Opals behind, he headed for the Gold Coast of San Francisco, California. When he got there he continued training his cooking skills in the Italian neighborhood of North Beach and in the Up & Coming Mission District.  in the year 1971 Leo moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where the vast  majority of his family had moved. He ended up opening his first restaurant there which he named "Florentine".

Over the course of the coming years, the restaurants reputation began to grow, but the restaurant itself did not. In 1983 he decided to sell it off and opened a much bigger restaurant which he called "Trattoria". his new establishment began to get Raving reviews ahd his loyal following began to continue to grow as well.  in 1998 Leo ended up moving to Ludington, Michigan and finally opened "Luciano's Ristoranti" at 103 W. Ludington Avenue. It remains to be the only authentic Italian restaurant in the area with customers comning from all over including Detroit, Chicago, and Grand Rapids. He runs the restaurant with his lovely wife Ghada who happens to be from Jordan. They have two beautiful sons named Jawad and Little Luciano Jr whom the restaurant is actually named after.